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Set up your speaker.

Set up is donkey-proof using the Urbanears app. Just a handful of steps, and you’re ready to play. Watch the easy tutorials to learn how to operate your speaker.

Manage multiroom settings.

Manage multiroom speaker system groups, change audio source, and adjust volume inside the app or directly on your speakers.

Access internet radio.

Browse thousands of internet radio stations from around the world and stream them directly to your wireless speakers.

Save your presets.

Save up to 7 of your favorite playlists from Spotify and internet radio for online music streaming at the push of a knob. Save, play, and change presets inside the app or directly on your speaker.

Find your listening sweet spot.

Use the in-app equalizer to fine-tune the treble and bass balance. Ahh, that’s perfect.

Meet the magnificent three.

Baggen, Stammen and Lotsen share the same set of skills, but perform best in different kinds of spaces. Lotsen thrives on a side table or countertop, Stammen fills small to mid-sized areas, and Baggen entertains the largest of rooms.