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Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of Yoyo Nasty. The illustrator and artist who uses humor and paint in equal measures to create vivid imagery of a wonderland inhabited with cute flora and crazy fauna.

Hello Yoyo, how are you?

I feel 🌈✨fabulous✨🌈!

Who is Yoyo Nasty

Yoyo is a nickname for my birth name Johanna. Nasty is about not abiding to anyone’s rules and a celebration of ugly aesthetics. Creating this alter ego has been a way for me to understand who I am and to express it. Even if my art practice isn’t performative in that way, it is about something that comes from within. I think something I have to connect with, and despite it being a persona it’s not any less than who I am. In a way it allows me to be more true to myself. In the words of Rupaul; we’re all born naked and the rest is drag.

Something that’s so captivating about you is how your self-presentation and art is so connected. At times inseparable. It’s like you live and breathe this unique vision you have of the world. Did you discover fashion or art first? 

Thank you. I think, it was fashion first. I don’t think I really knew what art was growing up. Or how you could work with art. Even if I was very crafty as a kid and drew all the time (cliché I know…). Fashion somehow seemed more relatable and real for a while, I realize just how crazy that sounds. I actually have a BA in fashion design, but it really wasn’t for me. But it doesn’t really matter, it’s just creativity in the end and I can’t be limited to one specific form.

Where do you find clothes like yours?

I shop second hand mostly.

How would you describe your aesthetic? 

My aesthetic is about playfulness, colours and humour. Inspiration is of course everything I see or experience like interiors, cartoons, flowers and funny dogs. As well as creative people around me. I think a lot about what I see and take notes. Then it's nice to add my little twist and imagination to it. I often get asked how I found this aesthetic, I’d say it’s not about finding something that exists, it’s an active act of searching.

Your attitude and vibrance definitely stands out in Stockholm. What’s your comment on that?

I love that you can say and express so much with just how you look!

You’re a big user of Instagram a lot of promote your work. Is there a sense of snobbism in the art community about using social media? How do you relate to that?

I think snobbism and anxious elitism is present in parts of the art world sure. My opinion is that I think snobbism and elitism actually can be dangerous. Art should be accessible for everyone. Anyway, I think that snobbism is just very unattractive and uninspiring, so I try to stay away from that.







Does music influence your creativity? 

100%! I think art, music and fashion are naturally intertwined. I love listening to music or an audio book when painting, that really helps me get into a creative flow!

Yoyo’s music tips for getting the creative juices flowing: 


I love her. Her songs reminds me of music I listened to growing up and it gets me in an intensely superhappy mood! 

Denzel Curry

I like up tempo and perhaps a bit intense music when I work, it brings me energy. I think it’s because I am kind of an intense person myself. 

Tami T

Fun lyrics, cute beats. 

Yung Lean 

His music and like, entire aura and universe continue to inspire me on so many levels. 

Nadia Tehran

Energetic beats help me connect my body and mind. It makes me focused when creating.