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Leslie Tay x Urbanears.
Leslie Tay x Urbanears.

Get to know Leslie Tay, the Swedish artist we’ve collaborated with for Eyalée Noir —a limited streetwear collection exclusively sold at APLACE.

“Only once you’ve lived, you’ll know where to go.” Since Leslie Tay was 14 years old he’s always known his path in life — music. As a teenager growing up in the troubled suburbs of Malmö, nobody then knew the range of his talent. Today, he’s working on his second album while collaborating with some of the greatest contemporaries in Swedish music like Cherrie, Molly Sandén, Stormzy and more.

To stellar critic reviews, Leslie Tay earned his breakthrough in 2015 with the EP “12 år” (12 years) and has since been described as one of the most important voices in Swedish music. He released his debut album “Vilja och Tålamod” (Intentions and Patience) in 2018 and is now working on his untitled sophomore album due in early 2021. In conjunction with the release of the second single and music video “Runt” (Around), he’s expanding his creative realm into clothing with Eyalée Noir — a collection designed with Urbanears featuring personal motifs and quotes from Leslie’s life.

“I’m very proud of this collaboration and I want this collection to be a way for my fans to get closer to me and my story.”

— The name of the collection, ”Eyalée Noir” is a word play on my middle name Edjila which in my father’s native language means “the one who has arrived”. 445 is the zip code of Sofielund, the place where I grew up. The quote ”Hela mitt liv har handlat om att sätta ihop pusselbitar.” (My whole life has been about putting together a puzzle) is taken from the documentary made about me in 2008. Throughout, I’ve chosen things that mean a lot to me, so I hope it shows and is appreciated. I’m very proud of this collaboration and I want this collection to be a way for my fans to get closer to me and my story.

Leslie wears Urbanears Luma in Teal Green.


One of the key motifs in the collection; a patched-up teddy bear, is based on one of Leslie’s tattoos. Also featured as the cover artwork for his new single, the bear is holding a bleeding heart in its hand — a display of his personal journey.

“This bear symbolizes everything I’ve gone through in life. How I’ve had to piece myself together over and over again. The heart is a reflection of how I’m today more open to my own emotions. Something I struggled with in the environment I grew up.


“I would also like to write a brutally honest book some time. I think that would be the only way I could tell my whole story.”


In 2021 you’re about to release your second album. What can we expect from it and how has the process been making it?

— I’ve grown up and gotten older. It’s the same Leslie but from a new perspective. I think it shows I’ve come to terms with my emotions, my past and that I have a better understanding of who I am, and the person I want to be. When I write, the melody and beat usually comes first, then I work on the theme and the lyrics.

You Meh, the name of Leslie’s music publishing company, features a stylized kanji letter 夢that means “dreaming” in Japanese. A leading concept throughout his life path, Leslie stresses the importance of dreaming big, working hard and believing in yourself. With the achievements of his success, we ask what the dreams about now?

— I have a lot of dreams, but I like to take one step at a time. Keep making music and collaborations, but I would also like to write a brutally honest book some point. I think that would be the only way I could tell my whole story.

Watch the music video for "Runt" Leslie's latest single released on December 3rd.

The full collection of clothing and accessories is sold exclusively through our friends at APLACE.

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