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Sustainability initiatives - Portfolio cover image
Sustainability initiatives - Portfolio cover image


For our product portfolio, we want to do more with less. We want to create streamlined, smart and modular products where materials, colors, spare parts and accessories can span across our entire portfolio.


  • Have an optimized portfolio of products that are loved and needed by users, now and in the future.
  • Use a system of modular spare parts and accessories across our product portfolio, enabling better care and repair.
  • Apply and scale materials and color strategy across our portfolio to optimize resources and minimise waste.
  • Apply a color strategy for all our products, where we carefully
    select and 
mix colors across our complete portfolio on a yearly
  • Remove charging cables from the product packaging and sell standardised 
cables separately on our own ecom.2021
  • Standardise spare parts. If you lose one, it should be easy to replace with a new one.ONGOING