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Anfa Lashari strives to live in the moment, and this particular moment seems to belong to her and her music.

Hello Anfa, what’s in the making?

New music and puppy stuff mostly. My puppy’s name is Bacci and he’s a Cavapoo. I heard Princess Victoria had a Cavapoo and I obviously wanted my pet game to be on a royal level. I have a cat too, so lots of fighting going on.

On the royal note, if you were a king, what would your kingdom be like?

My kingdom would be very chill and unpretentious. And no one would kill or eat animals.

How do you know when a track is finished?

I don’t. And some tracks are probably meant to be, you know, forever unfinished. Just because it’s released on Spotify or pressed on vinyl doesn’t mean it’s finished. I’d say the remix culture we’re living in is an amazing expression of that.

What does your music sound like?

Like nothing else out there, and at the same time like everything else. My music is super personal, yet in music, nothing is unique. When I was a kid, I only listened to rap and wanted to be a rap star. Today, I find inspiration everywhere and I’m into whatever makes me move, or whatever moves me emotionally.

Besides music, who inspires you the most?

I get most of my inspo from my family and my mother in particular. She’s just so powerful and creative and she spoils me with inspiration.

She came up with your name?

Yeah, I’m not sure where Anfa comes from exactly and my mom’s not either. Probably an Afro-Iranian thing, all I know is that she wanted to name me something unique. We are six siblings in total, I was the last one.

Do you see yourself as a norm-breaker?

No. I’m a black woman with a shaved head and I’m into masculine clothing. That alone can’t be considered sensational or offensive these days, right? But hey, maybe I’m more of a norm maker — a creator of the new normal — because there are some weird norms out there.

Like what?

Like judging people. Everyone does it all the time. I’m judged by people every day, so it has to be the norm?

What else?

How we spend our lives with our faces sunk into our screens. It’s messed up and it’s an ocean of fakeness. Yet at the same time the knowledge part of the digital era is amazing. I think now is a unique time where lots and lots of injustices are surfacing and good messages are being spread. Greta is a great example. She dares to stay true and make things uncomfortable. Like legends do.

Would you be a better person without your phone?

Absolutely. I like to live in the moment and my phone ruins it for me.







What noise would you like to cancel?

Negative thoughts in my head. Please make headphones that cancel negativity.

If everyone on the planet dressed like you, how would you dress then?

I’d congratulate the rest of the world on looking good and dressing more sustainably. And I’d dress the exact same way as I always do. In lots of comfy stuff and lots of vintage stuff.

What are you most proud of?

My own journey. From being a person who didn’t really feel anything, to someone who feels a lot of things, all the time. And I put all of those feelings into my music.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I’m not a dreamer you know, I’m a catcher. When I’m in the moment then the moment belongs to me. I don’t make plans, I just constantly grow and move forward.

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