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  • Carbon neutral shipping 30 days exchange and returns
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Materials are precious and should be treated as such. Not the least because they are responsible for our largest carbon footprint. In our production process, we need to make sure that neither material nor energy goes to waste.


  • Make smart design choices that minimize waste. Every detail counts.
  • Map waste throughout the chain and create circular loops with key partners.
  • Maximize the use of green energy sources from our manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Zero waste to landfill in production.
  • Map existing waste in production.ONGOING
  • Set internal design guidelines to optimize material use and
    speed up the development of new solutions.
  • Educate, measure and set clear targets on resource reduction, waste and recycling with our manufacturing partners and suppliers.UPCOMING
  • Use green energy sources criteria when selecting manufacturing partners and suppliers.UPCOMING
  • Identify key partners to create circular loops.UPCOMING