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5m2 and a whole lot of bugs

September 23, 2013 , , , ,

Remember Re:Plattan? You know, those crazy colorful patchwork headphones that came with 5m2 of protected space in Costa Rica? Well, the results are in. You, our dear customers, have helped save a whole lot of ants.

Just by purchasing Re:Plattan, you’ve played a big part in saving part of the Ricon rainforest in Costa Rica. Working together with Pax, each pair of headphones came with the GPS coordinates of 5m2 of protect space and all those headphones together amount to 20.110 square meters of protected rainforest. Quite impressive, especially when you consider that on that space you’ve got:

– 2.815 tonnes dirt
– 2.000 tonnes CO2
– 120.660 meters of vertically-rising vegetation
– 402 trees
– 40.220 flowers
– 20.110 spiders
– 10.055 caterpillars
– 6.033 butterflies


– 2.011.000 ants

Need a Re:Plattan refresher? Click here to see what it’s all about.

*Stats calculated from the average amount of these things found on 5m2 of Rincon Rainforest.


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