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#dailyurbanears photo contest

May 13, 2014 ,

Everyday we get tons of inspiration from your creative Instagram posts showing how your Urbanears fit in to your everyday life. Afternoon coffee with a side of Humlan White, fashion report from the urban jungle featuring a juicy pair of Plattan Lilac, gym bag packed with all the essentials and a splash of Medis Citrus.

We want to send some love back to all of you wonderful instagrammers out there by creating the #dailyurbanears photo contest. Show us your daily essentials featuring your Urbanears headphones and tag with #dailyurbanears on Instagram. Make sure that you also follow us on Instagram to participate in the contest. Every week you will have the chance to win the entire Urbanears range in the color of your choice.

When: Running for 2 weeks, May 14 – May 23.
Hashtag: #dailyurbanears

Let the good vibes and urban inspo flow!

Photo credit to: @skallidis, @shopi_go, @natackaa, @marrrinaisonfire, @justinliv, @hautepinkpretty, @gazgoh, @estelasiddayao, @ellahuntanenn, @elizabethz123, @dhundee, @dappersam


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