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New site = good times

June 28, 2013

You’re here and that means you’ve been browsing around our newly re-launched website. Yes, we did win a Webby  for this site last year, but we think it’s always good to stay on your toes. That’s why we’ve improved our site, and hopefully given you a better shopping experience or helped you get to know our products a little bit more.

We hope you like our new look and happy browsing!


The stars of the show

Some call them flying rats, but to us they are professional athletes. The pigeons we’ll have in our game are rock pigeons. It’s the same kind of pigeons you’ll find in any city. They’re between two and twelve years old and come from a licenced pigeonry in Huddinge outside of ...

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The science of ornithological target shitting

How we make 25 brand new headphones into a colourful birdcage toilet. When building the setting for the game we put the pigeons first. The cage is constructed in consultation with a pigeon expert in order to make them feel comfortable and secure. The cage is 16 cubicle metres large ...

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