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Sustainability initiatives - retail cover image
Sustainability initiatives - retail cover image


Our stores, pop-ups and consumer events are some of the most important spaces for us to show who we are as a brand. Naturally, those parts of our universe has to be made from a sustainability first mindset. If it can inspire greener choices, we’ve done our job.


  • Use modular display solutions with longer life time, that is applicable and adaptable for different types of retail, pop-ups and events.
  • Have retail displays made from recycled, re-usable and/or recyclable materials.
  • Create and apply a responsible sourcing program with all global and local retail and event suppliers.
  • Minimize waste and increase the lifetime of our retail displays through re-usable and/or recyclable materials, digitalisation, modularity or other smart solutions that we find on the way.
  • Launch a new retail concept across all markets, made from
materials and introducing digital displays to minimise resources used 
when doing communication updates.
  • Implement a new pop-up and events concept made from
    recycled or renewable material, that can be used and re-used
    to minimize waste.