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Listen to yourself by Zhuzi.
Listen to yourself by Zhuzi.

Following our global launch of Listen to yourself with Tove Lo, we continue our search for creativity and self-expression. A journey that eventually took us to Shanghai. Please allow us to introduce: Zhuzi

Listen to yourself by Tove Lo launched the concept of finding creative minds with unique self-expression, passion and personalities that maybe not were the conventional of today's standard. People who stand out, speak their mind and aren't always falling in line. Our goal was to find these unique individuals in all parts of the globe and that goals landed us in China.


This might be the first you've heard of Zhuzi and we can't blame you. With a different social media landscape than the rest of the world, China has created it's own scene of artists, innovators and creators. Zhuzi, born and raised in Beijing, is a vlogger, director and all around creator across China’s largest social media channels. She is celebrated for her honest and artistic approach in creating visual experiences for audiences both in China and abroad. Her videos explore the intersection of modern Chinese society, womanhood and creativity.

"The idea of Listen to yourself really spoke to me, because it is about listening to your inner voice and not letting the weight of social pressures stifle your inner ambitions or desires. I wanted to remind myself and every girl and woman out there, we are all queens.”

Zhuzi was inspired to collaborate with us because music has always been a very important catalyst to hone her artistic energy and vision, and the use of headphones, a necessity in her daily work life as a director. 

“In the video, I wanted my fans to get a very candid look at how I work as a director, my creative process and what inspires me as an artist.” 

In this collaboration, Zhuzi customized the brand new Powder Pink Plattan 2 Bluetooth into a contemporary crown design with strong rose gold elements, fit for the queen inside every woman.

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