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    Listen to yourself by Joy

    With what seems like an undrainable energy and a self-expression way beyond the stereotypical Swede, Joy ably disguises an emotional delicacy in her upbeat music and through her art. This is Listen to Yourself by Joy.

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    Listen to yourself by Tove Lo launched the concept of finding creative minds with unique self-expression, passion and personalities that maybe not were the conventional of today's standard. People who stand out, speak their mind and aren't always falling in line. Our goal was to find these unique individuals in all parts of the globe and when we return to Sweden, the choice is obvious.

     Urbanears Listen to yourself by Joy

    Joy M'Batha

    We first met Joy 2018 for the launch of the Lotsen speaker and our series 'Home'. After that we felt that Joy's uniqeness and artistry really spoke to us. With her intriguing charizma, views on life and carefree perspective towards norms and every day life, Joy captured the very essence of what later would become 'Listen to Yourself'.

    Now, the collaboration continues with the campaign “Listen to Yourself”, which is embodied through Joy - her history and personality. Joy M’Batha had her big breakthrough in 2014 as one of Sweden’s biggest rappers and received a lot of attention for her unique appearance, her cocky attitude and explosive shows on stage. Following some intense years in Stockholm, Joy moved back to her home- town, Malmö, to catch her breath and reflect. Art and painting, which had been a major part of her childhood, became her new way of expressing herself and her creativity.

    Urbanears Listen to yourself by Joy

    “Creating has always been my way of processing what I’ve gone through. Sometimes it’s music, sometimes it’s art.
    I am not doing it for anyone else. I am just myself, and I have always been. To me, that is exactly what Listen to yourself is all about.”
    With this collaboration, Joy got to express her art on several Urbanears speakers and headphones. Something that developed into an entire art exhibition. An exhibition which can be seen at Snickarbacken 7 (event link) in Stockholm, Sweden between November 23 and November 29.

    Follow Joy on Instagram and listen to her on Spotify.


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