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    FAQ Headphones

    Here you can find the most common questions we get from you. If you are not able to find the answer you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will be sure to help you in the best possible way.

    My clicker on the remote does not work for my iPhone?
    Check the socket on your iPhone for dust or fluff from your pocket. It’s the tip of the plug that handles the remote and a bad connection may occur due to fluff.

    Which phones work together with the Urbanears headphones?
    At Urbanears we design and construct all of our products to play sound at an ample level with any music-playing device utilizing a 3.5mm standard socket. We also think it is natural to include a microphone and remote, as the majority of all portable music players are also cell phones, thus we have added the functionality of a headset.

    At about 130mm / 5” distance from the left earpiece, you’ll always find a microphone and remote on a pair of Urbanears headphones. The microphone is omnidirectional and receives frequencies from 15Hz to 16KHz and is constructed to capture voice at optimal capacity. The microphone is also equipped with a one-button remote for handling music and incoming calls.

    We have chosen to adjust our products to support the dominating CTIA standard for mobile two-way communication, based on the 3.5 mm plug. This is the same standard used by Apple and many recently produced mobile devices. However, not all suppliers have adapted to this standard and in fact have developed their own version, deliberately closing out third-party products such as ours. In many cases, adapters are still available from these manufacturers.

    The Urbanears Plattan fits too tight on my head, what can I do?
    It is possible to relieve the clamping pressure by stretching the headband. Please place your hands at either end of the headband (NOT on the hinges or on the ear pieces) and stretch your hands away from each other, gently stretching the headband. Please repeat this process until you find the perfect fit for you. Please note, stretch at your own risk: any damage that occurs in this process is not considered a manufacturing defect and is not covered by the warranty.

    I’ve had a problem getting my microphone to work with my PC, do you have any tips?
    Some computers, such as PCs, have separate inputs for the microphone and the audio device: it is not possible to use Urbanears headphones as a 2-way communication device in this situation.

    If you are experiencing poor sound quality when using Urbanears with your computer, it is possible that the computer doesn’t recognize the 2-way communication pin layout. In this case, a neutral adapter plug may resolve the issue.

    The sound sometimes disappears from one side of the headphone, what’s wrong?
    The headphone is broken so please read our warranty text and see if you can use our one-year limited premium replacement warranty.

    What is the difference between Plattan and Plattan Plus headphones?
    All Urbanears headphones have a microphone and remote, but the Plus models have an Apple-certified microphone and remote with volume control. The Plus models are only guaranteed to be compatible with Apple devices. They will still work with other smartphones, but you will lose the functionality of volume control.

    What is the length of the cable?
    All Urbanears headphones have a cable that is 120 cm long. The Turncable, when fully stretched, reaches 200 cm long.