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    Tvättbara träningshörlurar.

    Pris 1199 kr

    4 färger

    Oavsett om du springer ett marathon eller gymmar, sitter trådlösa Hellas på plats. Hörlurarna har 14 timmars batteritid, hopfällbar design och swipe interface för att du enkelt ska kunna byta låt utan att behöva ta upp mobilen. Efter ditt träningspass kan du enkelt ta av Hellas avtagbara delar och slänga in dem i tvättmaskinen med resten av din tvätt.


    • Made for sports
    • Wireless
    • Washable

    Pris 1199 kr

    I lager

    • Säkra betalningar
    • Fri frakt från 249 kr

    Oavsett om du springer ett marathon eller gymmar, sitter trådlösa Hellas på plats. Hörlurarna har 14 timmars batteritid, hopfällbar design och swipe interface för att du enkelt ska kunna byta låt utan att behöva ta upp mobilen. Efter ditt träningspass kan du enkelt ta av Hellas avtagbara delar och slänga in dem i tvättmaskinen med resten av din tvätt.

    Lyssna trådlöst.
    Lyssna trådlöst upp till 14 timmar med 2 timmars laddning. Hellas kopplar snabbt upp sig via Bluetooth så att du kan lägga all fokus på din träning.
    Swipe interface
    Knapplös design.
    Byt låt, justera volymen eller ta emot samtal med Hellas swipe interface. Dra fingret rakt fram på högra kåpan för att byta låt eller tryck med fingret på mitten för att pausa/starta eller ta emot samtal.
    Tvättbara delar
    Svettålig och tvättbar.
    Huvudbandet och öronkåporna är avtagbara och tvättbara. Släng in dem i tvättmaskinen på 30 grader för rena hörlurar redo för nästa träningspass.

    Historien bakom Hellas.
    Hellas är döpt efter Hellasgården, ett naturreservat och sommarkollo 15 minuter från centrala Stockholm. Dit åker stockholmare för att springa, träna i utegymmet och för att basta nakna i den offentliga bastun. Även sjön är full av aktivitet, där kan du simma och paddla kajak på sommaren eller åka skridskor och bada i isvak på vintern.

    Men långt ifrån alla är aktiva i Hellasgården, där hittar du även picknick-folk, soldyrkare och de som bara vill ta en paus från storstadspulsen.
    Koppla snabbt upp via Bluetooth och lyssna trådlöst upp till 14 timmar på 2 timmars laddning.
    Byt låt, justera volymen eller ta emot samtal med Hellas swipe interface.
    Släng in dina hörlurar i tvättmaskinen på 30 grader efter ett svettigt träningspass.
    • Hörlurstyp On ear
    • Kompabilitet Både Apple & Android
    • Vikt 130 gram
    • Ihopfällbar Ja
    • Tvättbar Ja
    • Inbyggt swipe interface Ja
    • 3D Hinge Nej
    • Bluetooth Ja
    • Anslutningar Bluetooth®
    • Högtalarelement 40 mm handgjorda högtalarelement
    • Impedans 60 Ω
    • Sensitivitet 98 dB
    • Max ingångseffekt 50mW
    • Speltid Upp till 14 timmar
    Fler sporthörlurar.
    Specialdesignade hörlurar för träning. Där varje modell har ljudkvaliteten, passformen och funktionaliteten du behöver. Välj mellan ergonomiska, svettåliga och trådlösa Bluetooth-hörlurar.
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      Löparvänliga Träningshörlurar.

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      Den ultimata träningshörluren.

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    Betyg & recensioner

    4.5 stars based on 27 reviews

    "They fit really tight and I can really focus on my running"

    - Thomas

    Bluetooth problem

    Elin 18 april 2018 The Bluetooth doesn't connect to Apples.
    The connection to the phone is bad as I need to keep my phone out in my hand in order to have a decent enough connection for talking.
    I would never buy another pair of Urbanears until someone have proved me wrong regarding my opinion Urbanears quality of the blutetooth connection


    Marcus 28 februari 2018 Very content with overall experience. Only con is unstable Bluetooth-connection. I get more than I like of interruptions and sparkling sounds.

    100% Glad I use these headphones

    Thaddeus 13 april 2017 Great company and product. Headphone control a little sensitive. Would love an option to buy more cushions instead of warranty, but impressed by turn around time and timely quality customer service.

    Works as advertised, battery better than expected!

    Seven 1 april 2017 What works:

    • The cups and headbands are definitely washable, and unfortunately irreplaceable. I wish they'd stock up on spare cups and headbands, seeing as how very possible it is for people to lose (or tear) either one of these

    • Aforementioned items are also excellent in terms of absorbing sweat. I use my Hellas on a day-to-day basis, walking outdoors and working up a sweat. A once-a-week wash is more than enough, seeing as it doesn't seem to soak up too much odor, and it washes just fine (don't use it in a dryer, let it air-dry).

    • The battery life is superb. Realistically, you won't wear this 24/7 and listen to music for 14 hours straight. That said, I've perfectly tested it by leaving it on and paired to my iPhone 6 for a whole day and a half, and with alternating on/off usages, it has managed to survive well beyond the stated 14hrs, and that's with "regular use". Using it with really loud volume may change that, but you probably normally won't use it beyond the normal volume level.

    • Fit is very snug. Too snug, in fact, that I had to loosen it by leaving it fitted on a book's sides overnight to loosen in just a bit. Your mileage may vary, but rest assured that loosening it does not affect the snugness of the fit, as it still fits my average-sized head just fine.

    • Audio quality is great. Nothing extraordinary, but perfect quality for on-the-go travels and occasional gaming.

    • The supplied charging cable is flimsy and takes forever to charge the headphones. Using an alternative microUSB cable fixes the slow-charge issue (in my case, a PSVita cable).

    Perfect! Worth your money

    Joanna 23 mars 2017 Fits perfectly on my head and doesn't move at all when I'm running. Sound is great (good bass). Looks very minimal, which I like and doesn't feel bulky on my head. Bluetooth hard to set up at first, but is good now! Distance away from my phone goes pretty far, 10 feet or so. Controls are a bit sensitive to touch (like when I adjust the headphones), but makes controlling music very easy when running!

    Just buy 'em! You won't regret it

    Chris 22 mars 2017 Absolutely LOVED mine the two weeks I owned them. My dog thought they were awesome as well and decided to chew on them! Not much left after he decided to play with them.
    Will order another pair because working out with earbuds after having my Hellas is just not worth considering. Was very nice not hearing the gym music and conversations around me. They do a fantastic job of blocking ambient noise. Great headphones.
    As with other reviewers, hope to be able to buy spare cups and headbands. Please Urbanears, offer the cups and headbands for sale!

    The best headphones i own, versitile, perfect sound ( callers hear me like i use original mic )...

    don Peter. 12 mars 2017 Slimmed, perfect fit, stays in place even though you run of track, do your Jumpin´Jacks, they stay on and at the place you sat them. They handle all the moist like ultra new military gear, and even got a small wash-bag you can use in your washing machine when you freshen up the ear cushions and headband. On top of all that the Bluetooth and touch control directly on the right side where you control both headphones and mediaplayer. It's nothing less then the Swiss Army knife of headphones. Personal note: I wore them for 3 hours in a exclusive galleria, with my computer at a smoothie shop, then connected them to my HTC Phone instead in 4 seconds, with microphone that works with voice command , went in a couple of shops, during that time i were asked 8 times where i got the headphones and the brand/type. I sent them all the site, and got 4 "thank you for your help, i have ordered headphones" and one message from a young lady that found them in store, with 5 blow kiss emojis . OMG, i have totaly forgot; the sound is perfect, from the clear crisp high notes to balanced middle register to a perfect bass without any distortion.....

    Fantastic quality , would like extra ear cushions to purchase

    Steven O 1 mars 2017 Great headphones for working out, would love to have an extra ear cushions to buy .

    Great for running/working out!

    Dealio 27 februari 2017 I have been using the Hellas for over a month and love them. I have always had issues with in ear headphones falling out because of the sweat when running miles at a time. I never liked over the ear headphones because they are bulky and none were made for use while sweating. The Hellas are perfect as they are not too big and provide great sound quality while handling the sweat of a six plus mile run. I would definitely purchase these again!


    Hymnrael 15 februari 2017 Everything is great, but I'm a having a hard time syncing the blue tooth with my devices.

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