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    Reach your goals on your own terms

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    and other random opinions on habits, headphones, and working out.

    You know that feeling you get right after an epic run, reaching that unobtainable grip on the bouldering wall, or finally mastering the yoga pose that had you falling off the mat last week? Yeah. Everybody loves that feeling. The one that’s made of satisfaction and sweat, and maybe even a perfectly synched soundtrack.

    Urbanears Active Hellas

    Goal-setting and determination have a lot to do with reaching those kinds of moments, of course. But when it comes to being active, here’s a fresh thought: No major goals required. 

    Meaning, you don't have to run to the top of Everest or do burpees with Jim every day to consider yourself a fitness hero. How about making joy your major active goal instead? Making sure that joy is part of every bit of sweat you drop (on the days that you feel like it) whether you’re running laps or swinging a kettle bell.

    Here are 5 ideas for keeping your workouts extra fun this year: 

    Pre-plan your playlists. 
    Whatever streaming service or personal music collection you have, pre-curated playlists do a lot to keep you focused on the task. So get your music in order before starting a workout, and spend your time sweating it out instead of fiddling around searching for the next song.

    Pick the right headphones for the workout. 
    On-ear or earbud? Wireless or cords? Active headphones should be lightweight, comfortable, and stay in place. The best headphones for running or lifting weights might not be the ones you expect. So be sure to test it out! Maybe you’ll figure out that you prefer earbuds for running and on-ears for push ups. Or vice versa. At the end of the day, the best headphones for working out are the ones your ears feel most comfortable in. 

    Keep it clean.
    Okay, so. It probably goes without saying that you should shower after the gym. But what about your workout headphones? You can’t take them in the shower with you but you can wipe them down with a moist cloth. Some headphones even have removable parts that can handle deeper cleaning. Like Hellas, with its removable headband and ear cushions that can be tossed in the washing machine, along with your sweaty socks.

    Work out with a buddy. 
    Things are always a little easier when you have someone in your corner. For some, the perfect workout headphones are all the support they need. For others, adding a human friend or two does a lot to punch up the fun and motivation. Try taking turns making the week’s workout playlist so you can synch up every move and beat. 

    Take it outside. 
    Nothing keeps your workout fun and spontaneous like the crisp outdoors. Take your run to the downtown streets, or do some sun salutations in the neighborhood park. If you can reach the forest, make like a beast and gallop freely down the trails. Or whatever. Just remember to stay warm and visible. On-ear headphones double as earmuffs when the weather gets cold. And some headphones come with reflective details to up your visibility during after hours sweat-sessions (ahem, Hellas and Reimers). 


    Urbanears Active Headphones
    If you’re looking for sports headphones that stay in place, the best headphones for running, lightweight earbuds for running laps, or a pair of workout headphones that can handle your sweat and upside-down crunches, the Urbanears Active shop is the place to be. 

    There’s no holding back with these wireless workout headphones, with 14 hours of play time per charge and washable parts. They even make great running headphones. All those other sports headphones hanging around the gym will surely be put to shame. Show me.

    Looking for the best headphones for running? How about a pair of Reimers earbuds for running your daily laps? These lightweight running headphones will help you keep the focus on your pulse, with stay-in-place EarClick technology and a double clip. Show me.

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