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    Fred Mortagne for #30Thirty30

    Music is an integral part of creating.

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    To celebrate Plattan 2 Bluetooth’s 30+ hours of wireless playtime, we reached out to creators worldwide to help us create the ultimate 30 hour playlist. One hour a day for 30 days.


    For filmmaker and photographer Fred Mortagne, music is an integral part of creating. As Fred has been inspired by the music around him, he himself has inspired a new generation of filmmakers. Whether skateboarding related or photography, Fred's impact is clearly visible in techniques and creative solutions of his uprising peers. As the sound is as important as the visuals, who better to describe this bond than Fred himself.

    Until I became a skateboarder, my musical culture was fairly poor. Everything changed by starting to watch skate videos in the early 1990’s. The array of songs used was very wide. Any kind of musical style could be heard, even classical music. Prior to that I don’t think I had bad taste, but I just didn’t know much. As a teenager my favorite band was Depeche mode. Then I started to make skate videos myself, so that made me discover even more music, as I constantly had to look for new and unexpected tracks for my various projects. Overall I was never given much budget by skateboard companies to create the soundtracks to the videos. Finding free but great music sounded like the biggest challenge, but so I went and explored underground scenes and went to tons of small gigs in my hometown of Lyon, France, where I could go and meet the bands. That method proved to be very effective. That’s how I got to easily use a song by Animal Collective in the mid 2000’s. That brought me other things. I got to meet the french band Coming Soon in their very beginning, and got to handle all of their videos and photos for many years.

    Another technique was to target artists that somewhat had a connection with skateboarding. I knew that Devendra Banhart, who skates, started to play music after falling in love with a song he discovered while peeping a skate vid. It was unbelievably easy to use one of his great songs. Music has aways been a crucial ingredient for my video projects. Even with the best content, the best filming, the best editing… a wrong music choice could just ruin it all. I have been conscious of that from the very beginning, and that imposed on me a certain rigour to pick the right songs, even if it would take me weeks for that. On top of being a director, I also shoot photography, for which music plays a big role as well. When I am out shooting, I like to have music in my ears, helping me to get into a certain mood. One time I made a small book project and proposed the viewers to watch it while listening to the same music that I listened to while shooting the pictures. Enjoy this selection of music I made to entertain your ears for a short bit.

    Fred's picks (Tracks 302 - 317):
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    302. Tame Impala – Why won't you make up your own mind?
    303. Devendra Banhart – What will we be
    304. David Bowie – Velvet goldmine
    305. The Growlers – Chinese fountain
    306. Jacno – Rectangle
    307. Jamaican Queens – Love is impossible
    308. Mac DeMarco – Brother
    309. Frank Zappa – Camarillo Brillo
    310. Melody's Echo Chamber – Some time alone, alone
    311. Arcade fire – Electric blue
    312. Panda Bear – Crosswords
    313. Animal Collective – Grass
    314. Justice – Brainvision MMXIII
    315. Coming soon – Shooting helicopters
    316. Beach House – Lazuli
    317. KCIDY – Lost in space







    Follow Fred HERE.

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