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    The Pink Collection with Arvida Byström

     As a part of Listen to yourself, we wanted to combine the self-expression and uniqueness of creative minds with the release of our new Pink Collection. The obvious choice was of course, Arvida Byström.


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    For the launch of our Pink Collection and as a part of Listen to yourself, we reached out to Arvida Byström to see how she would visualize a world where she could imagine the headphones. Her background as an artist and photographer along with the challenging of norms and the obvious connection to the color pink, made it a perfect match. Making Arvida Creative Director of the campaign shoot of The Pink Collection did not only feature her ideas of the visual aesthetics, but also included her modelling for the images. Everything in a setting, style and mood of her choice.

    For this shoot, I wanted to twist the whole concept and make it feel slightly out of worldly and with a hint of the surreal. Pink is a color that stirs up feelings. It’s strangely seen as a weak colour. It does have it soft sides, but it also bites back somehow. Maybe pink got it all” - Arvida Byström

    The Pink Collection consists of a Plattan 2 Bluetooth and Jakan in Powder pink. Both now available in our store.


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    Artist, photographer, director or model. Whatever epithet you might throw at her, there are hardly any boundaries that can constrain or determine Arvida Byström. Arvida challenges the old definitions of what’s “real life” and what’s not, by establishing a life and presence online. In Arvida Byström’s realm, norms are meant to be broken and the by society (made up) rules no longer apply. The color pink has almost become synonymous with Arvida’s work. A color that historically has been severely gender-based and stereotypically defining “girliness”, with everything from clothing to toys. Arvida Byström’s artistry is reclaiming the color, but also challenges her own experiences and emotional attachment to the color pink.




    Listen to yourself by Arvida Byström

    By working with Arvida we didn't only want her vision of the color pink. We also felt that Arvida personified the spirit of Listen to yourself. With her twist on the perspectives of who you're supposed be and how to act like, we really wanted her to symbolize the encouragement of self-expression within unique individuals and creative minds.

    Listen to yourself is a creative initiative by Urbanears for creative minds who listen to their inner voice and make this voice their guide. A stage for those curious souls who squeeze the most color out of life and like to express their unique personalities. We are committed to champion radical creativity at the intersection of music, fashion and technology by collaborating with present & future icons to create new and immersive product & brand experiences. The colorful urban voices in the street we love to listen to. Those creators of style that are using their inner voice as tools to express their ideas and ideals.

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