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  • Custom fit
  • Microphone
  • Dynamic sound

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  • Custom fit
  • Microphone
  • Dynamic sound


An unprecedented experience in ergonomics and functionality, Medis is a unique in-ear headphone featuring the Urbanears-original EarClick solution for a custom fit. Naturally, Medis also features dynamic sound and a sleek and minimal design.


  • Earbuds that stay in place
  • The EarClick solution ingeniously secures the earpiece in two places rather than one, relieving pressure while keeping it firmly in place. With four interchangeable ear pads in different sizes, it’s always easy to find your perfect fit


  • For hands free talking
  • Most music devices today are also cell phones. That’s why all our headphones come with a built-in microphone and remote. Use it to pick up calls without picking up your phone.


  • Keep things nice and neat
  • The Urbanears patent-pending CableLoop allows you to wrap your cord and secure it into place. You’ll never have to spend another minute untangling your headphones after they’ve been in your bag ever again. Nice, huh?


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Customer ratings & reviews


January 30, 2016

I will definitely repurchase urbanears items but have to consider maybe different earphone that might last longer then madis

I love urbanears, the quality is top notch ! The only down side is it does not last long even though I use it with love and care. S


January 22, 2016

Good quality, need Earclick replacements

These headphones are awesome, they last a long time and are super comfortable! I accidentally put these headphones through the wash and three months later they're still the same quality as I bought them! I just wish I could buy replacement ear click parts, I lost the size I usually wore and now it's either too big and a bit painful after a while or too small and they get tugged out easily. If these ever bust I'll for sure buy the same ones, they're pretty great overall.


January 22, 2016


Normal earbuds don't work with my ears, but these are perfect. I can wear them comfortably for hours. With their new cord design, I can wrap them up and secure them to prevent tangles/damage.


January 9, 2016

Great headphones

These where the best headphones I've ever had, but sadly they were broken in under a year (from the cord)


December 29, 2015

Works best for my ears (an antihelix man, not a antitragus guy)

The unique way the Medis holds on, makes it the only ear bud that says in for me.
I have what I call an under-developed anti-tragus. It is the bit of your ear across from the tragus, which on some folks, makes a "pocket" for ear bugs such as Ap*$#le's to sit. Lacking prominence my poor anit-tragus lets other buds slip out all the time, even while sitting still. But the soft silicon of the Medis looks up, above all that, to the antihelix to save the day. And there my earbuds stay.


December 28, 2015

Decent sound, but durability not worth the price.

The sound is decent (sounds about as good as my old V-modas), and the design is great for running safely (allows ambient sound in without interfering with your listening). Durability is the weak link... I've had problems both with the buds themselves falling apart (the speaker part detaching from the outer disc where the cord inserts), as well as with the little rubber tabs breaking apart (and thus no longer holding the buds in the ear). The first problem is fairly easily fixed with some super glue, but the second is particularly annoying. IMO, the Medis should ship with a dozen or so of the little rubber tabs if you want them to last more than a year or so, or UE should at least make these available in replacement packs.


December 18, 2015

Love my Medis

I've never had a set of "earbuds" that fit my ear. They either fell out constantly, or they hurt or sounded so bad as to be useless. The Medis solved ALL of these issues. Great comfortable fit, never fall out no matter how vigorous my activity and they sound amazing - far better than their size would make you expect. And the color selection is terrific!


December 14, 2015

Great headphones, need replacement fittings.

These are my ideal earbuds. The customizable fittings make them perfect for running, and the sound quality is great.

The only reason I didn't give them five stars is that the fitting pieces are non-replaceable. I was told by a customer service rep months ago that they would be available for purchase, but I haven't seen any sign of this. As a result, having lost one of the fittings, they are much less excellent.

As soon as there are replacements available, I'll happily up my rating!


December 9, 2015

These are amazing headphones for anybody who is active. I've brought these to the gym with me and for both running and lifting they don't budge. The only negative feedback would be to possibly make an even smaller device. My ears are apparently very small

Great Headphones!


November 29, 2015

Best in-ear headphones I've ever had

Best in-ear headphones I've ever had. Use them for running - they never fall out. Good sound - including decent bass for the size.

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