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  • Collapsible
  • Microphone
  • Share music

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  • Collapsible
  • Microphone
  • Share music


Plattan headphones are the ultimate closet staples; color match them with your business attire and wear them on your way to work, put em’ on during the laid back coffee shop study sesh or add a fun twist to your workout gear.


  • Take them everywhere
  • We know you take your headphones with you wherever you go, so we made sure to design ours to be fully collapsible so you can easily fold them down and be on your merry way.


  • Instant music sharing
  • The ZoundPlug is not really a plug, but a socket that lets you share your music with a friend. Simply plug another pair of headphones in via the empty outlet on the ear cap and enjoy.


  • For hands free talking
  • Most music devices today are also cell phones. That’s why all our headphones come with a built-in microphone and remote. Use it to pick up calls, or fast forward or rewind your music.


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January 31, 2016

Excelent light-weight, compact design, though a tinsy winsy bit lacking in sound quality.

I bought these headphones as a replacement to a pair of pretty bad IEM's that i used to listen to music on whilst on the bus/tram on my way back home from school. I had already seen a review of these on youtube and in that review it says that the headphones are light and compact. Oh boy they are. These headphones probably have one of the best on-ear designs i have ever seen for short travel use. They are very lightweight and the mesh-cloth type headband is quite thin but very comfortable due to the headphone's lightness. The output port on the second ear cup is super useful when you want to show your friend a song or if you want to connect a haptic feedback speaker to it. Also that detachable braided cable is a godsend for cat owners, just tuck it away in your bag and watch as your cats destroy other cables instead of the one on your brand-new headphones. brilliant!
Now to sound quality. The response curve on this is good though a little bit too much base for my taste and the highs do drop off pretty significantly but it's not too bad. There is almost no distortion at low volumes but it does start to ramp up as you turn up the volume knob.

All in all I bought these headphones for their sleek looks and excellent light weight and easy to carry design. But i expected a little more in terms of sound quality.


January 28, 2016




January 28, 2016

Such Great Quality for the Price

I thought these were a little expensive, as I'm a person that doesn't like spending money. Though, I bought these on a whim. I've literally had these things for over three years. They've survived being dropped in water, thrown in beach sand, dropped, bent, everything. The cord never tangles. They're literally the best pair of headphones I've ever had. The only negative I could possibly give, is that they often make my ears hurt because I wear them for such a long time. They're so incredibly durable.


January 25, 2016

Overall, really cool. Good sound, good fit. Colour isn't the same though.

I've been wearing my Urbanears Plattan for about a week now and I love them. At first they hurt my ears after wearing them for a long time, but I got used to them and hardly notice it anymore. The sound is good. I got indigo and was a little disappointed at first at how much darker they are in real life than how they appear on the website or the box. Overall though they're really cool.


January 20, 2016

I want to know where I can find replacements for my ear cushions because I only see black and white available and none for tomato Plattan online. Please help me.

I honestly really love this. The sound quality is great, and I'm been using this for about 3 years or so but my only problem is the ear cushion. For some reason, the leather keeps peeling off.


November 30, 2015

Quite literally the best headphone experience I've ever had

People give items five stars, but still have gripes. I have no gripes at all with these things. I bought them purely for the minimalist advertisements, and I have loved them for three years. The wire has not shorted yet, the out jack is so convenient, and, while a little tight, the sound is perfect at any volume. Not yet blown out, and perfectly noise cancelling. This is better than any high end headphones I have demoed before. Even with the cloth headband and, while certainly not being scuzzy, not cleaning it much for three years, there's no smell. I'm scared to go to others because of how much I love these. I'm trying the Medis because my wife likes to talk without acknowledging that I have noise cancelling headphones on. I look forward to a lifetime commitment to this brand.

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