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    These headphones are designed to achieve the optimal balance between sound, fit, and functionality and complement a range of listening scenarios. Choose from on-ear headphones, earbuds, wireless headphones, sports headphones, and DJ headphones.

    Wireless headphones.
    Wireless headphones let you enjoy your music without the hassle of cords. Here you can find wireless headphones in both on-ear and earbud varieties, each with a generous battery life and excellent sound quality.
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    On-ear headphones.
    On-ear headphones sit over your ears for a more secluded listening experience. This collection of on-ear headphones are optimized for sound and comfort. Choose from both wired and wireless on-ear headphone models.
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    Earbuds are lightweight and portable, making them the ideal companions for day-to-day listening. Choose from a range of sound optimized earbuds, each designed to provide a comfortable and dependable fit.
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    Active Headphones.
    Active headphones are specially designed for running and training. This collection of active headphones are ergonomic and sweat-resistant, and deliver quality sound with just the right amount of ventilation.
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    DJ headphones.
    Featuring a full-sized on-ear construction, DJ headphones isolate your ears from outside noise so you can listen with precision to the beats of your upcoming track. Swivel ear cups and an adjustable headband give max maneuverability, and the dual-duty TurnCable lets you stay plugged in to your music even once you’ve stepped away from the mixer.
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