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Home – Ali Boulala.
Home – Ali Boulala.

Four creative individuals, four definitions of what a home actually is. We placed our speaker Lotsen in the homes of each of these people to see if it could spark up a conversation. First up is former professional skateboarder Ali Boulala.


With the release of Lotsen, we wanted to explore the definition of a home. Being a small speaker for cramped spaces, we wanted to place it with creative minds at their place and see if it could spark up a conversation about what a home actually is. 

Since not everyone can live in a mansion, but rather in quite small places in urban environments, we decided to find four different creative individuals from different cities and see what defines a home to them.We were fortunate enough to be welcomed in through the doors of Ali Boulala, Joy M’Batha, Parham Pazooki and Arvida Byström. Not only opening up their homes to us, but also themselves.

Ali Boulala

With a classic childhood dream of being able to fly, Ali Boulala found skateboarding being the closest to having this super power. During the late 90’s and early 2000’s, Ali re-defined the skateboarding culture. Not only by pushing the limits of what is humanly possible, but also style, clothing and bringing the punk spirit back into skateboarding. But behind a success story that took Ali to being one of the world’s most well-known skateboarders, there was also a story of struggling with an alcohol and drug addiction. A downward spiral that eventually would end in tragedy but was also the beginning of finding himself back to a life free from addiction and inner demons.

Being a professional skateboarder for many years, Ali has resided in almost all parts of the world like: France, the US, Australia, the UK and also Algeria. But when searching for peace of mind, the place he returned to, was his native hometown of Stockholm. Still to this day searching for what can really be called “home”.

Connect with Ali on Instagram at @theboulala.

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Lotsen contains all the same features as its bigger siblings, Stammen and Baggen, in a smaller format. But don’t let the size fool you. Lotsen is small but fierce! It easily fills smaller to mid-sized rooms and is perfect for small surfaces.
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