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Listen to yourself by Tove Lo.
Listen to yourself
Listen to yourself by Tove Lo.

Listen to yourself is a creative initiative by Urbanears for creative minds who listen to their inner voice and make this voice their guide. A stage for those curious souls who squeeze the most color out of life and like to express their unique personalities. 

We are committed to champion radical creativity at the intersection of music, fashion and technology by collaborating with present & future icons to create new and immersive product & brand experiences. 

The colorful urban voices in the street we love to listen to. Those creators of style that are using their inner voice as tools to express their ideas and ideals.


With style and minimalism at the core of our identity, Urbanears headphones and speakers are a canvas for self-expression. In our collaboration with Tove Lo her inspiration was immediately drawn from her popular song ”Disco tits”. 

The essence of her inspiration is manifested in a pair of Urbanears iconic headphones Plattan all covered in glitter, and the Urbanears speakers Stammen and Baggen smashed against a disco mirror ball.

— I'm a typical ‘dance your tears away’ kind of person and a lot of my music has that feel to it. So, using materials like glitter and disco ball mirrors ties into that really well..

For Tove Lo it was important to join our Listen to yourself movement because with so much influence from the outside world, the Swedish artist, songwriter and visual provocateur believes it’s difficult to keep a clear and free mind.

Headphones and music can create that safe space – listening to music can change a mood and bring out important emotions. Those emotions, for Tove Lo, are empowering to her fans. Her creative work with Urbanears is simply a unapologetic expression of glitter & love.

— To me Listen to yourself is about expressing myself. Am I doing what I’m doing to express something, or to prove something? To express something is always going to connect more with yourself and the people around you, then to prove something. Expressing myself feels therapeutic, but trying to prove something is just stressful.   

Tove Lo is an artist, songwriter and visual provocateur from Stockholm, Sweden. She is celebrated for her “darker” approach to upbeat pop music, focusing her writing and art on the highs and lows of love’s labor’s lost. Tove Lo is boldly unedited, proud to be re-writing the rules of pop-starlet engagement and has made a name for herself as an award-winning performer and Grammy-nominated songwriter.

She began her journey writing poetry and short stories at a young age and is now co-writing songs for some of the biggest names in the music industry. In only four years, Tove Lo has released one EP and three studio albums, produced and released two short films, with another on the way, has featured on tracks with some of music’s biggest names (Coldplay, Flume, Alesso, and more), and established herself as an incendiary live performer, commanding massive stages all over the world – and she’s only just getting started.

A quick chat with Tove Lo.

When we created the concept of Listen to yourself, we wanted someone to personify its core essence. Listen to yourself is an encouragement to finding your creative uniqueness and being a resource to an unapologetic and true self-expression. Tove Lo and her personality as well as artistry embodies all of this and that’s why we felt she was the perfect fit for starting this movement. We sat down with Tove to get her thoughts on the collaboration and her vision of Listen to yourself. 

- I was very excited to work with Urbanears when they reached out to me. I already use their headphones a lot and I was really into the idea behind "Listen to yourself". To use their products as a blank canvas and make it into anything I wanted. It's a different and cool way to show a minimalistic design. It was a great experience to work with their creative team! 

What was the inspiration behind the customization of your products? 

- (The song) "Disco Tits" was a clear inspiration haha! I'm a typical "dance your tears away" kind of person and a lot of my music has that feel to it. So, using materials like glitter and disco ball mirrors ties into that really well I think. I also loved using materials that reflects because they will always look different depending on where you are.

How was it to collaborate with a tech brand? 

- It was painless! We shared the same vision and Urbanears wanted it to feel like me, so I felt very free while creating this with them. 

What made you want to be part of this movement with Urbanears? 

We're getting bombarded with impressions and information from the outside constantly and it's hard to keep your mind clear and free to wander on its own. So, to get some space we put our headphones on and listen to music we like. Music that brings out emotions. These are usually the moments when I realize things. When my attention isn't constantly forced in other directions. 

What does Listen to yourself mean to you? 

- For me it's about daring to listen to your gut feeling, the honest feeling about what you want and who you are that comes from inside you. I think most of us spend too much time listening to the outside, "what will people think" and all that. The thing is, other people's validation will never complete you. 

Your music video "bitches" embodies women’s empowerment with its cast of powerful female artists and its message of female sexuality. Do you think it’s important that you use your art to address diversity, especially in this industry and today’s political climate? 

- My intention is very rarely political, I just speak my mind and make sure that my fans know where I stand. I won't back away from something just cause it's seen as "provocative" or "wrong" by people I don't share views with. It's when you start to polish the corners of yourself to not offend anyone that you lose your voice. And we need voices now. 

Finally, why do you think it’s important to Listen to Yourself? 

- Because you'll never have to wonder "what if".