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Home - Parham Pazooki.
Home - Parham Pazooki.

Four creative individuals, four definitions of what a home actually is. We placed our speaker Lotsen in the homes of each of these people to see if it could spark up a conversation. This time we met up with Gothenburg rapper Parham Pazooki.

With the release of Lotsen, we wanted to explore the definition of a home. Being a small speaker for cramped spaces, we wanted to place it with creative minds at their place and see if it could spark up a conversation about what a home actually is.

Since not everyone can live in a mansion, but rather in quite small places in urban environments, we decided to find four different creative individuals from different cities and see what defines a home to them.We were fortunate enough to be welcomed in through the doors of Ali Boulala, Joy M’Batha, Parham Pazooki and Arvida Byström. Not only opening up their homes to us, but also themselves. 



With roots in Teheran, Gothenburg based rapper Parham finds different definitions of a home in each cultural part. An emotional definition as well as a physical and actual place. Parham tells stories of his surroundings but also stories from his thoughts and inner feelings. No matter if they’re dark or brighter places, from inside his mind or current location. These stories all have a connection to belonging somewhere.

Follow Parham on Instagram at @parhampojk and listen to him on Spotify.
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Lotsen contains all the same features as its bigger siblings, Stammen and Baggen, in a smaller format. But don’t let the size fool you. Lotsen is small but fierce! It easily fills smaller to mid-sized rooms and is perfect for small surfaces.
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