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Wireless headphones.

Enjoy your music without the hassle of cords. Here you can find wireless headphones in both on-ear, over-ear and in-ear varieties, each with a generous battery life and excellent sound quality.
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Enjoy your music without hassle of cords with wireless Bluetooth headphones. We have wireless headphones in on-ear, over-ear and in-ear varieties, each with generous battery life and excellent sound quality so that you can you can enjoy your music everyday. All our wireless headphone comes in a range of different colors.

Plattan 2 Bluetooth is our classic wireless headphone. 30+ hours of wireless playtime using Bluetooth technology. Pampas is our newest edition to the wireless headphone family. An over-ear design for secluded listening experience. Long battery life and our best sound yet. Jakan is a wireless earphone with an adjustable, ergonomic fit. Perfect for everyday listening.