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Listen to yourself by Yazbukey.
Listen to yourself by Yazbukey.

In a quest for creativity and people who dare to follow their inner voices and make them their outer voice – what better place to start searching than Paris?

Listen to yourself by Tove Lo launched the concept of finding creative minds with unique self-expression, passion and personalities that maybe not were the conventional of today's standard. People who stand out, speak their mind and aren't always falling in line. Our goal was to find these unique individuals in all parts of the globe and this time we turned our heads towards the cultural epicenter of Europe, Paris.


With a playful sense of design, Parisian designer Yazbukey takes inspiration from multiple pop cultural references and perspectives of femininity throughout history and re-defining it for our time and place. Using seemingly cold and impersonal material like plexiglass, turning it into warm and fun designs, Yazbukey has earned the undisputed title of “Queen of plexiglass” with her jewelry collections. Her work today ranges everything from earrings to swim suits and is defined by themes like “A night at the pool” and “Pyjama party”.

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