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In-ear headphones.

In-ears are lightweight and portable, making them the ideal companions for day-to-day listening. Choose from a range of sound optimized in-ear, each designed to provide a comfortable and dependable fit.


Juno Earbud (Left)
Juno Earbud (Right)
Boo Earbuds (L/R pair)
Boo Tip Earbuds (L/R pair)

Free and easy listening.

Jakan combines 12 hours of wireless playtime with a convenient, minimal earbud fit. Great for listening to music and picking up calls on the go. Includes an adjustable, ergonomic fit, intuitive control knob and magnetic earbuds for around-the-neck wear. Add to that clear and precise sound, and you have the ideal, tangle-free companion whether you’re creating a masterpiece or walking to work.
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Bluetooth sports headphones with no limits.

Whether you want to cut back on aerodynamic drag or simply train to your music without distractions, these Bluetooth sport headphones are up for the job. With EarClick technology and stretchy coils, Stadion supplies a custom, unshakable fit. Plus multiple training sessions worth of cord-free listening on a single charge.
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The hooked up earbud.

This lightweight earbud gives a dependable fit when you’re listening, and hangs neatly around your neck (or in a pocket) when you’re not. Includes a built-in mic/remote, tangle-free cord, and CableLoop for tidy storage. Use the hook-up feature between listens to link them behind your neck for easy access.
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