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Experience 26 hours of seamless playtime with Juno's eco-friendly, comfy earbuds made from recycled plastic. These buds have active noise-canceling tech, offering immersion in your sound for music, podcasts, and clear calls.
These wireless earbuds are impressive, offering 30 hours of playtime and a smaller environmental footprint, made from 97% recycled plastics from bottles, air conditioner units, and other discarded items. Great sound and sustainability in one.
Boo Tip
These wireless earbuds provide comfort and sustainability, made from 91% recycled plastics, including bottles and discarded materials. With silicone tips and an impressive 30-hour playtime, they're a solid choice for eco-conscious individuals looking for good sound.


Chances are good that you are listening to something right now. Like an audiobook, podcast or a newly released album. Or maybe you are about to pick up a call? This is where wireless listening (and talking) can come in handy. With wireless headphones you can listen and move around without getting tangled up in cords.

The best wireless headphones are Plattan. They are iconic. Check out Plattan here. And since we are talking about wireless headphones, you might as well hear about wireless earbuds and wireless earphones too. Boo and Juno are wireless earbuds. If you prefer wireless in-ear headphones or wireless earphones, check out Boo Tip. With Juno you also get the added benefit of active noise cancelling. Active noise cancelling headphones and earbuds let you decide how much of the outside world you hear. You can decide to listen as usual or activate ANC mode to block out noise and enjoy your music without distractions.

The point is that you have lots of options. All of these models are wireless and come with Bluetooth and microphones. There are plenty of colors to choose from too.

Looking for a corded connection to your headphones? No problem, get over to Wired Headphones.