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Lou de Bètoly x Urbanears.
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Lou de Bètoly x Urbanears.

We continue exploring the creative landscape of vibrant cities across the world. This time in Berlin with designer Lou de Bètoly. Wanting to see the unique perspectives on design and work process within different creative minds, we gave Lou de Bètoly the same challenge as previously handed to designers Sandra Backlund of Stockholm and Rose Morand (Rhizom) of Paris. And the challenge was accepted.

Our second stop on our journey of exploring the creative landscape of different cities was Berlin. In Berlin we reached out to French-born and now Berlin based designer Lou de Bètoly. Facing the same challenge as our initial collaboration with Sandra Backlund, Lou de Bètoly got handed the now obsolete headphone cords following the release of Plattan 2 Bluetooth. Taking inspiration from chaos, surrealism, decadence and oneirism, her designs features detailed craftmanship and classic techniques in a modern context.

Being handed a material totally different from the traditional ways of working sparked the creative mind and five incredible designer pieces were created. The challenge clearly seemed to push the boundaries of the definition of traditional design, with pieces ranging from knitted boots to bikinis.

This is Lou de Bètoly’s story on her initial thoughts when being introduced to the idea by Urbanears and the creative, as well as the work process of doing something completely different design wise than before.

#Urbanears #CutTheCord #Plattan2BT

Plattan 2 Bluetooth